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Site Seeing

From: Terrace Bay

The Slate Islands Provincial Park is made up of 17 islands. It could take a few days to visit all these islands to enjoy
its true beauty. Bluebird Charter site seeing tours focus on one of the most interesting aspects of these islands, the Shatter Cone.
Shatter Cones are rare geological feature that are known to form in the bedrock beneath meteorite impact craters or
underground nuclear explosions. They are evidence that the rock has been subjected to a shock with pressures in the
range of 2-30 Gpa. There are shatter cones in McGreevy Harbour that have grown to an approximate size of 10 meters tall.

We could also visit the light house and other places of your choice. Enjoy a vacation with the Caribou in front of your tent.

From: Rossport

The picturesque Battle Island that provides a beautiful view of the light house. Passengers may take the time
to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the island with each and every sense. Battle Island provides a perfect location
to listen to the magnificent sounds of the waves and smell the fresh lake air. For a full day of site seeing, there are
numerous charming islands, harbours ,bay, channels and straights that are all great sites to see.

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Site Seeing Rossport  Site Seeing Rossport  Site Seeing Rossport 
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